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Woodwalk Gallery Voted in the top 10 galleries in Wi.

The 10 Best Art Galleries in Wisconsin!

By Rachel Smith

The Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters - Facebook

Art is cherished in Wisconsin through many different mediums and art galleries.  There are so many great local and historic artists who have been preserved at tons of galleries across the state. Check out our 10 best art galleries to hit in Wisconsin for you and your art loving friends.

1. Seasons on St. Croix Gallery, Hudson, WI

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Seasons on St. Croix Gallery showcases clay, glass, metal, wood, fiber and mixed media. Two-dimensional work in water colors, pastel, oil, acrylic, and photographs representing over 160 artists. After recently updating their space to a larger one allow for more room and a more extensive range of work.

2. Edgewood Orchard Gallery, Fish Creek, WI

The Edgewood Orchard Galleries began in 1969 has become one of the Midwest’s most respected art galleries. The 1918 barn building that houses the art gallery is a work of art in itself. You’ll find paintings, sculptures, glass, clay, wood, and jewelry are all present and represented by 150 different artists.

3. Tory Folliard Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

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Tory Folliard gallery features still-life landscape works, along with both abstracts and figurative pieces are art. There are tons of different types of media found at the Folliard Gallery. They specialize in the exhibit and sales of both established and emerging Midwest artists. If you are looking for one of a kind, home grown art—Tory Folligard Gallery is the place to be.

4. Museum of Wisconsin Art, West Bend, WI

Located in West Bend, the Museum of Wisconsin Art collects and showcase both contemporary and historical art from across the state of Wisconsin. Ranked as one of the top regional art museums, the MOWA not only provide beautiful pieces for the public but also encourages the education of art by providing programs and classes.

5. James Watrous Gallery, Madison, WI

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James Watrous Gallery specializes in contemporary art from Wisconsin.  Wisconsin art and craft history, along with works owned by Wisconsin art collectors throughout the ages. Along with the Museum of Wisconsin Art, the James Watrous Gallery places an emphasis on education and lifelong learning of the arts.

6. Woodwalk Gallery, Egg Harbor, WI

Work from 45 different artists lies in Woodwalk Gallery. Inside of a historic barn building lies contemporary art in the town of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin. Their full line of artists are featured online to give them the proper credit. Plus on Friday nights, they have fun concerts.

7. Sampson Art Galleries, Inc., Black River Falls, WI

Black River Falls is home to the Sampson Art Galleries, Inc. With over 40 years under their belt, they have an award-winning gallery. They offer limited edition prints, oil paintings, and murals. Along with the display of art they offer custom framing for their patrons. 

8. Artisan Gallery, Belleville, WI

Since 1987, the Artisan Gallery has been focusing on fine craft and fine art. They have established a reputation of being one of the largest and most impressive collections of art in Wisconsin. They feature around 100 different artists throughout the United States.

9. Lemon Street Gallery, Kenosha, WI

Lemon Street Gallery & ArtSpace, Inc. - Facebook

Located in on the corner of Lemon Street in Kenosha, the Lemon Street Gallery is a non-profit visual art organization driven to provide visual art education. The Lemon Street Gallery provide a professional venue where artists can display their work. If you are looking for some great local gems—you must go to Lemon Street Gallery. 

10. Katie Gingrass Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

Founded in 1980, the Katie Gingrass Gallery displays contemporary art and fine craft. They showcase pastels, lithographs, and paintings from both regional and national artists. Exhibits change frequently so that the city can be exposed to a number of different artists from around the country.

The Winding River



Winding River


Tom Maakestad’s landscape paintings capture the beauty of the St. Croix Valley

Convergence—an oil painting on canvas. PHOTO BY: ARTWORK COURTESY OF TOM MAAKESTAD

Fresh off a month-long artist residency in Salzburg, Austria, Marine on St. Croix painter Tom Maakestad returns just in time for the opening of River Perspectives, the third exhibition in the Minnesota Marine Art Museum’s Mississippi River Series, which features paintings by Maakestad and Winona State University professor Don Schmidlapp.

Maakestad’s aerial views of familiar waterways, which include the Mississippi and Cannon rivers, highlight a “different type of realism than we’re used to down on the ground,” he says. “It’s fun to play with that distinction between our conceptions of realism and abstraction.”

The artist is currently at work on a fall 2017 show for Groveland Gallery in Minneapolis, which will include landscapes of southwest-central Minnesota that will have Maakestad “back on the ground.”

River Perspectives will be on view August 26–December 23 at Minnesota Marine Art Museum, 800 Riverview Drive, Winona. To see more of Tom Maakestad’s work, visit his website here.

Marine on St. Croix Artist paints local landscapes

Marine on St. Croix Artist Tom Maakestad Paints Local Landscapes

Tom Maakestad’s paintings capture the beauty of natural landscapes.
Winter Contours by Marine on St. Croix artist Tom Maakestad is a 20” x 16” oil painting on linen that beautifully depicts a local farm landscape covered in snow.

Tom Maakestad seemed destined to become an artist. He grew up on a farm in Northfield as the son of Barbara and the late John Maakestad, who had been an art professor at St. Olaf College. Tom had always noticed the scenery around him, even during bus rides to and from school. “I couldn’t help it,” he says of his interest in landscape painting.

After studying art at Luther College, Maakestad began a dual career as a painter and a businessman. “It’s always been a balance,” he says. Early on in business, he moved to Hong Kong, where he worked in graphic design and communications for a trade show and publishing firm for seven years. When Maakestad and his wife returned to Minnesota 20 years ago, he continued working for a Hong Kong-based printing company.

Today, he enjoys living in Marine on St. Croix, where he has a downtown studio and finds endless inspiration for his oil and dry pastel painting. “You couldn’t find a more beautiful place to work. It’s really easy to get out on the river in a minute and be in a place that you feel could be a wilderness area miles away from anybody,” he says.

Whether he’s flying over the St. Croix Valley in a small airplane or floating down the river in his pontoon boat, Maakstad continues to be inspired by his surroundings. “It’s hard to call it a job,” he says.

Find more information on Maakestad’s work at his website here. His art can also be viewed at the Groveland Gallery in Minneapolis.

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